Boarding & Bathing


Our dedicated and experienced staff is committed to making sure your pet is well-cared for. Our kennels are clean, spacious and climate-controlled and dogs are able to run for a period of time each day. Your pet's special health needs will be reviewed with you prior to your departure. If your pet requires a special diet, please feel free to send it with him or her. Our qualified and knowledgeable staff is skilled in medicine administration, food preparation, and managing acute or chronic medical conditions.


To ensure the protection of your pet and others, all boarders must be current on vaccines, including kennel cough. We are obligated to treat your pet with a flea treatment if he or she is not following a monthly protocol. Additionally, baths, nail trims, exams, surgeries and treatments can be scheduled for during your pet's stay at your request. Our boarding facilities fill up fast, especially during the holidays, so please call a few weeks ahead of your scheduled trip to ensure we can accommodate your pet.


Being gorgeous takes work. But there's a lot more to pet bathing than making Fluffy look fabulous. The important thing is to keep your dog or cat clean and healthy. Grooming is an important part of preventive medical care, and regular bathing at our veterinary hospital will help prevent serious medical problems - not to mention make your pet look, smell, and feel better. By having your pet bathed regularly, you can help detect skin infections and growths before they become a problem. We offer bathing and nail trim services for our feline and canine patients. Our services also include hygiene trims, de-matting and shaving down .