Client Services



A lost pet is a pet owner's worst nightmare. Of the 10 million pets who go missing each year, studies have shown that 90% of those found would not have been returned to their owners without some form of permanent pet identification. This is why we consider HomeAgain pet IDs as a fundamental way to protect your pet and an important part of responsible pet ownership. If your pet is lost, the microchip can be scanned by animal control officers, at shelters, and at veterinary hospitals. HomeAgain pet IDs can be implanted at any time, but doing so while your pet is already anesthetized for a dental or surgical procedure makes it convenient and totally pain free. 



Behavioral issues are a common reason for pet owners to abandon or surrender a pet to a shelter. Most often, these issues can be addressed and corrected or modified. With the high number of pets in shelters, those with behavioral issues are much less likely to find new homes than pets who have been well socialized and trained. Even with the right training and lots of attention and love, your dog or cat can develop bad habits or unwanted behaviors. Please don't make the mistake of believing you and your family must live with these problems or worse, consider giving up your pet. At ACTLC, we offer basic behavior counseling and can refer clients to a qualified trainer or veterinary behavior specialist for more difficult cases.


End-of-life Services

The death of a beloved animal companion often leaves pet parents feeling a need to be close to their pet. Cremation for your dog, cat, or other animal friend serves as a means of preserving his or her memory. At Animal Care at Twin Lakes Center, we work closely with Paw Prints to provide our clients with cremation options.