Pet Dental Care

Dental Hygiene

Chew toys and general use will not necessarily maintain your pet's pearly white choppers, as animals can encounter dental problems and diseases just like humans. Dental disease can be painful, inhibit proper nutrition, and lead to other serious systemic issues that may threaten your pet's health before symptoms are even noticeable. Regular dental check-ups at ACTLC, combined with good dental hygiene at home, can increase your pet's health, vitality, and well-being, and help ensure your pet leads the best life possible. 


Our veterinarians and staff believe the foundation of good dental care begins with a complete oral exam followed by a thorough cleaning with ultrasonic scalers designed to remove plaque and slow its buildup. At our veterinary hospital, we provide dental care which includes:

  • Oral examinations under anesthesia
  • Cleanings with ultrasonic scalers
  • Diagnosis of and treatment options for periodontal disease
  • Extractions
  • Polishing


By ensuring your pet receives annual dental exams, you can prevent serious dental problems from developing. In between visits to your veterinarian at ACTLC, check your pet's teeth regularly for signs of problems. Brushing your pet's teeth is the single most important procedure you can do to maintain good oral health. Brushing can dramatically decrease the incidence of gingivitis and can increase the interval between teeth cleaning appointments, if done regularly. If you are unsure how to brush your pet's teeth, please ask a staff member for instructions. We are happy to help!